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Being Grandma

I’m a grandma. September 3, 2019. My life changed. He came into my world. Someone new to love and adore and watch grow and be loved by. It’s endless you know. Love. It never runs out. It sometimes sneaks up on you. How can I possibly love someone this much?

I look at his picture and want to jump through the phone to hold him. To feel his soft skin. And breath in his baby scent. Hold him tight so the moment never leaves me. It’s love. It’s infinite. And it’s awe inspiring.

"Being Grandma! It’s filled with magic!"

He’s my grand baby. He’s mine. My daughter tells me he’s hers, not mine. You are mine my amazing and beautiful girl, so he’s mine. He’s part of you, you’re part of me. You’re mine so he’s mine. I’m his grandma. I would protect you both with my life, my love is beyond words.

Being Grandma! It’s filled with magic! I have a new little person to hug and kiss and pick up when he falls. A new little person to encourage and teach and watch his dreams come true. A new life filled with endless possibilities, infinite love, roads untraveled – the wonder of it all! How luck am I to be his grandma!

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