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Welcome to my page!

It’s been in my head for so long, I’m so excited it’s finally here!


I’m Caren.  I live in Fort Lauderdale.  I have two grown kids, lots of family and friends and a life that is mostly amazing! I don’t like to call myself a survivor, although I am.  I’d rather talk about being a thriver and making the proverbial lemonade. 


As many of us have, I've been through life-changing events which have lead me to become Fearless! To do things I’ve never done before, go places I once only dreamed about and have experiences that would change my life.  That is what I’ve been doing for the last few years and have brought my stories here to share with you.  I invite you to Be Fearless with me!  Let’s jump the hell out of that box that is our lives and explore the universe! 


I hope you love what you read as much as I love writing it.  My wish for you is that something I say will give you an ‘aha’ moment of your own, or a nudge to be more fearless, or help you find the dance in your life.  I hope you find something to share with someone in your life who needs a little comedy, a little tough love and a little reality in as gentle a way as possible.  Please send me a note to let me know. 

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