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Being Fearless

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Being fearless has nothing to do with bravery. It has everything to do with being afraid. I am fearless. I take chances. I never want to have a moment of “what if” or “I should have”. I want no regrets in my life. I am fearless because I’m afraid not to be.

I’m afraid of missing out on that great love because I was too scared to say I love you. So I say it fearlessly. From my heart. With passion and abandon and no expectations. I do have hope though. Hope that it will open the door a little wider, hope that knowing I do will make it less scary for you, hope that my dream of a life with you filled with awe and amazement will come true. Whether it does or not, I have no regrets. I love saying those words, I love feeling those words and I want you to know. I am fearless.

"Being fearless has nothing to do with bravery. It has everything to do with being afraid."

I want to see things I’ve never seen before, visit places I’ve only read about and seen in pictures. I want my life to be an adventure. I’m afraid of missing out on the unseen wonders of the world. So I’ve gone, fearlessly, by myself, half way around the world and I saw a thing a two. And I went again and discovered my heritage, by myself, because I was too afraid to miss it. I met amazing, warm and welcoming people. It wasn’t scary at all. I am fearless.

My life has had its’ detours. Two specifically could have gone very differently and I would not be here writing this. I was never afraid I would die though. It never occurred to me.

When I heard the diagnosis I wasn’t afraid. I was mad! Something else to deal with. Didn’t I have enough? Then I realized the diagnosis saved my life so I took control back, set out on a different path and slayed this dragon. I was fearless.

When my car careened into a lake after being hit my last thought before crashing into the water was, I’m not going to die. I grabbed my purse, climbed out the sunroof and waited for my son to bring me dry clothes. Never a moment of being afraid, a lot of “WTF is going on” moments, but I was never scared. I was fearless.

What if I didn’t get diagnosed with breast cancer? Would I have been afraid to miss that? Frankly, yes. Not the answer you were expecting? The diagnosis jolted me back to reality. It helped me realize the difference. I discovered unending gratitude. I became my own best friend and discovered a person I really liked and admired. Truthfully, I am afraid of where my life would be now had I not had all those awakening moments. They made me even more fearless.

I’m not afraid of the unknown, I embrace it. I am a little afraid though. What if it is something unexpected in a bad way, what if I was better off not knowing or not doing or not going. What if I just stay safe where I am. Is it really that bad to be safe and afraid? YES!! IT IS!! Safe isn’t fun, safe isn’t new, safe isn’t exciting!

Life is a series of choices. We are in charge. I am in charge. I can blame someone else, I can let another person decide for me and I can stop taking responsibility for my life. That’s a choice too. It just isn’t mine. Are you fearful or fearless in your choices? I choose to be fearless. I choose to do things I’ve never done before. I want to meet new people, try new food, go farther and faster, lift harder and heavier. I am capable of so much more! My potential is unlimited. My curiosity is unending. The thirst I have for all things new grows every day. So does my bravery. I am fearless. I am afraid not to be.

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